amnesia the bunker prisoner player gets ready to shoot a monster

Amnesia: The Bunker prisoner – how to save them

Saving people in horror games is always a stressful task, especially when there’s a demonic entity that stalks your every move. This is why many players are having trouble saving Amnesia: The Bunker prisoner, though it’s important that they do. Why? Let’s see.

Getting the prisoner out is a pretty crucial part of the game, especially because his cell contains several quite important endgame items. Attempting to get him out is going to be a challenge but if players are going to keep at it, they will definitely succeed.

Without further ado, here’s how to save Amnesia: The Bunker prisoner and why doing this is crucial to the story.

Amnesia: The Bunker prisoner – how to save them

In order to save the prisoner in Amnesia: The Bunker, players need to unlock the cell, by going through the warden’s office. But watch out, there’s a monster stalking the halls. If players aren’t careful, this monster will kill the prisoner and prevent them from getting an achievement.

Before players start this, they need to have a wrench to unlock the cell doors in the warden’s office. They also need to make sure the warden’s office is powered up, so the prisoner can get out.

Prioritize activating the generator once you get to this area since it’s the most crucial part of this puzzle. Just make sure to have items ready since this can be a pretty tough part of the game.

Once players have the wrench and activate the generator, do the following:

  • Unlock the prisoner’s cell door using the controls in the Warden’s Office.
  • Sprint out of the Warden’s Office and into the prisoner’s cell to grab the bolt cutters.
  • Return to the Warden’s Office and flip the switch to lock the cell door again before the monster can reach the prisoner.

Stay smart and act fast, as the monster can quickly kill this prisoner or the players if they aren’t careful. After this, players will be able to progress through the story and get ready for the endgame.

Having the bolt cutters will let players activate the detonator later in the game’s final battle. It’s a guarantee to get the “good” ending, at the very least.

That’s what we know about saving this prisoner. For more fun stuff, check our review of Mask of the Rose. You can also see when My Time at Sandrock comes out.