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Lies of P Scrapped Watchman – how to beat

The Scrapped Watchman is a menacing puppet police officer, larger than the policeman puppets encountered earlier in the game. It is equipped with antennas that can add electric damage to its attacks. This guide will provide you with expert tips and strategies for Lies of P Scrapped Watchman

With its intimidating appearance and powerful attacks, defeating this boss requires careful planning and precise execution. 

So, let’s dive into the best strategies for taking down the Lies of P Scrapped Watchman.

How to beat Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

The best strategy to quickly defeat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P is to summon a spirit using a Star Fragment before entering the boss area. This spirit will divert a significant portion of the attacks of the Scrapped Watchman.

This will give you a better chance to position yourself behind the boss and successfully attack its vulnerable electrical area. This vulnerable spot must remain your point of focus throughout the battle if you wish to maximize your damage and successfully defeat the boss.

You can also use your agility to quickly move out of the way or bait the boss’s sweeping attacks and keep a safe distance. Creating additional clearance by jumping can help dodge these attacks. Once you’ve dodged them, take advantage of the boss’s recovery time to counterattack and deal damage.

When the boss’s health drops to approximately 50%, it transitions into its second phase, during which its assaults become electrified. But that’s not all, unfortunately. The enemy also gains the ability to summon lightning strikes.

These are the attacks that you’d have to watch out from during this final phase of the battle:

  • Electric Attacks: The Scrapped Watchman’s attacks now have added electrical damage, making them even more dangerous.
  • Floor Mining: The boss can mine the floor with electricity, creating patches of static. Avoid standing on these patches, as they will erupt with lightning strikes after a few seconds.

But, if you continue dealing damage and avoiding them, you will emerge victorious. After defeating the Scrapped Watchman, you will obtain several valuable items, including an Overcharged Storage Battery, Broken Hero’s Ergo, Quartz, Core, and 5040 Ergo.

That’s how you can beat the formidable Scrapped Watchman boss in Lies of P. Now that you’re here, why not check out our other guides on Final Fantasy 16 Cut from the Cloth Choices and Final Fantasy 16 Tiamat – how to beat