lies of p parade master menacing face of a monstrous boss

Lies of P Parade Master – how to find and beat

The best part of any souls-like game is boss fights, truly challenging players, and their tendency to press dodge. One boss troubling players right now is the Lies of P Parade Master, though this supernatural creature isn’t unstoppable.

Like a lot of bosses in the genre, this boss does a ton of damage and can kill players quickly. It’s why players will need to go in with a clear mind and their best items, assuming they have some.

Here’s what we know about beating the Lies of P Parade Master and how players can beat him.

Find and beat the Lies of P Parade Master

Where could this boss be hiding? Players will be able to encounter this boss by the end of the demo, so just keep pushing through. Once you reach the Parade Monster, prepare for a tough battle and make sure to have some good items.

Since this boss is a hulking fellow, it’s also pretty slow and most of its attacks are easy to dodge. That being said, players shouldn’t just keep pressing the dodge button as that can consume your stamina. Attack whenever the boss is stuck or is slowly moving but make sure to keep your stamina up.

Make sure to carefully watch out for its attacks and then dodge them, as they can easily shave off your life. If you time dodging right, the boss will lose enough of its HP before getting stronger for its second phase.

Despite its power-up, players can still make it through if they keep dodging and slashing when it’s appropriate. However, the Parade Master now has more range and a couple of new attacks it can use. Watch out when it starts using its head (literally), as this can do a whole bunch of damage.

That’s how you beat this creepy-looking boss in the latest souls-like game. For more creepy things in Voxel Smash, here’s how to get the bunny in Amnesia: The Bunker and all you need to know about Blasphemous 2.