Don't Die in the West Copper - character mining copper ore in the mines.

Don’t Die in the West Copper Ore – how to get

Are you trying to get Copper Ore in Don’t Die in the West but can’t figure out where to find it? Here’s everything you need to know. Copper is the first ore you’ll be able to access in the game and is needed for most recipes, including tool upgrades and better stations. Overall, Copper is crucial for game progression. However, it can be found mostly in the mines, which are hidden in one of the map’s corners. Let’s see how to get it.

Don't Die in the West Copper - Mine map location.

How to get Copper Ore in Don’t Die in the West

To get Copper Ore in Don’t Die in the West, access any of the cave mines and use your Stone pickaxe to break the rocks filled with copper. There are various mine locations but one manages to stand out.

Specifically, the best place to get copper ore is the mines on the far west side of the map. Head past the camp with the bandits and keep following the southern path. Eventually, you’ll reach the Abandoned Mines Entrance location. Head straight and you’ll find the entrance to the mines. If you can’t find it, use the image above as a reference.

Within the mines, you’ll find various breakable rocks with copper on them. Break these to gain 4-5 copper ore per rock. Alternatively, you can also break the copper minecarts and each will give you 4 copper ore. Or, if you’re lucky, you can get copper ore from the wooden boxes found around the mines. Regardless of the method you choose, there are a lot of ways to get your hands on this mineral once you reach the mines.

Just be careful since the mines are filled with Spiders and Rats. Additionally, if you go deep and descend into the hole later in the mines, you’ll have to go through a boss fight. To make this a bit safer, make sure to get the bows and arrows in Don’t Die in the West before heading too deep into the mines.

Don't Die in the West Copper - character mining copper ore in the abandoned mine.

How to get Copper Ingots and where to use them

Now that you’ve got copper, let’s see what to do with it. Your main goal now is to unlock the smelter in Don’t Die in the West by completing the Blacksmith’s questline in Tumbleville.

With the Smelter crafted, you can turn 2x Copper Ore into one Copper Ingot. Then, you can use Copper Ingots in various recipes, especially in items on the second page of the Ledger Desk. Even better, you can finally consider upgrading your tools and getting something with slightly better durability and efficiency.

To summarize, you can get Copper Ore in Don’t Die in the West by accessing the mines on the far southwest side of the map. Use your pickaxe to mine all the copper nodes there while also breaking down the mining carts and the wooden boxes. Then, craft a Smelter and you’ll be able to turn your copper ore into copper ingots. How much copper did you get? Let us know what’s the first thing you are crafting with copper ingots.

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