How to get the bow and arrows in Don't Die in the West - character aiming with the bow.

Don’t Die in the West bow and arrows – how to craft

Are you trying to craft a bow and arrows in Don’t Die in the West but don’t have the recipes yet? Here’s how to unlock and craft them. The bow is going to be your best friend in the early game as it can be unlocked almost immediately and it’s a significant upgrade over the Slingshot. However, it’s far from clear how to unlock it and it’s easy to miss. This guide will go through everything you need to know to get your hands on this great ranged weapon.

How to get the bow and arrows in Don't Die in the West - Nayati map location.
Find Nayati in this location and complete his quest to get the Huntsman Workbench recipe. This allows you to craft bow and arrows.

How to unlock bow and arrows recipe in Don’t Die in the West

To unlock the bow and arrows in Don’t Die in the West, find Nayati and complete his quest by bringing him stone, straw, and branches. He will allow you to craft the Hunting Workbench station, which can be used to craft a bow and arrows.

To find Nayati, head to the blocked Tumbleville passage (the one that you eventually blow up by following the fuse line), pass through, and instantly turn left and climb up the mountain there. As you go up, you’ll find a small camp with Nayati. For the exact location, check the picture above.

Interact with Nayati and choose the dialogue option regarding bow and arrows. He mentions that he can teach you how to craft them if you bring him a few items first. Specifically, you must bring:

  • 2x Stones
  • 2x pieces of Straw
  • 4x Branches

Once you collect everything, talk to him again and you’ll get the Hunting Worktable recipe.

How to craft the Hunting Worktable

Now that you have the recipe, you’ll be able to craft the Hunting Worktable with the following items:

  • 4x Dry Wood Plank
  • 2x Copper Bar
  • 2x Dry Wood Beam
  • 4x Bird Feather

With the table placed, you can craft as many bows and arrows as you want. Also, you’ll get a bow and a lot of arrows by completing Nayati’s quest. Don’t forget to check the chest right behind him for 50 arrows.

To wrap this up, you can get the bow and arrow recipes in Don’t Die in the West by completing Nayati’s quest line. This only requires bringing him stone, straw, and branches, which are extremely easy to collect. Overall, the bow is the best early-game weapon and I recommend unlocking it as soon as possible. Did you manage to craft the Hunting Worktable easily? Let us know in the comments below if you’re struggling with any other items. If you’re still trying to complete the first page of the Ledger Table, here’s how to complete the Out with the Old quest in Don’t Die in the West.

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