How to get the shovel in Don't Die in the West - character holding a shovel.

Don’t Die in the West Copper Shovel – how to get it

Are you trying to get the copper shovel and dig all the shiny dirt piles around the map in Don’t Die in the West? Here’s what you must know. Even as early as in your first day, you’ll notice various shiny dirt piles around your base. However, your axe or pickaxe won’t be of any help there. Instead, you’ll need to find a Copper Shovel if you want to get the valuable items hidden there. Thankfully, the shovel is easy to get and you can get it extremely early. Let’s examine how.

How to get the shovel in Don't Die in the West - shovel map location.
Head to this exact location just west of Tumbleville to find the Copper Shovel.

How to find the Copper Shovel in Don’t Die in the West

To find the Copper Shovel, head to the Tumbleville entrance and head straight west. Climb the first mountain you find by interacting with the rope there and you’ll find a box on its peak that contains a Wooden Torch and a Copper Shovel.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to blow up the stone passage first to access Tumblevillle. This can be done easily by following the TNT line towards the top of the nearby mountain. With the passage blown up, head to the entrance to Tumbleville and head all the way west. If you can’t find the mountain exactly, you can see the image above for the map location of the Copper Shovel.

Also, you can find the Copper Shovel in other similar locations. Keep exploring the map and whenever you find a chest on top of a mountain, loot it. I’ve managed to find three Copper Shovels this way.

As for how to use it, all you must do is equip it in your hotbar and right-click on any of the shiny dirt piles. You’ll get various items and recipes as a reward. It’s always worth going out of your way to dig one of these piles.

In conclusion, you can get the Copper Shovel in Don’t Die in the West by looting the chest on top of the mountain west of Tumbleville. You’ll also find a Wooden Torch there, which is a useful tool during nighttime. If your shovel’s durability is low, you can get more by looting more mountain chests. What’s the best thing you’ve found in a dirt pile? Let us know in the comments! Before leaving, for more guides on important early-game items, here’s how to get the bow and arrows as well as the chest recipe in Don’t Die in the West.

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