How to unlock and craft chests in Don't Die in the West - character standing in their home next to a chest.

Don’t Die in the West chest – how to unlock and craft

Are you trying to craft a chest in Don’t Die in the West but can’t figure out how? Here’s how to get more storage. Overall, inventory management is important in the early game since you’ll find a lot of items and won’t be able to store them anywhere. Thus, it’s vital to unlock the chest recipe as early as possible and place enough in your ranch. This will allow you to store your stuff and not risk losing everything if you die while exploring the world. Based on that, let’s explore how to increase your storage by crafting chests.

How to unlock and craft chests in Don't Die in the West - all ledger desk page one tasks completed.

How to unlock and craft chests in Don’t Die in the West

To craft a storage chest in Don’t Die with the West, unlock the recipe by completing all tasks on the first page of the Ledger Table. This includes repairing the roof and house, crafting a Lumber Station, placing a Campfire, finding Rosie the Donkey, and crafting a Chicken Coop.

If you’re having trouble with any of these, check out our guide on how to complete the Out with the Old quest and how to find Frank and build a Chicken Coop.

Once you finish the entire first page and unlock the second one, you’ll get a recipe for the crate. Then, you can craft it with Dry Wood which will allow you to store items in your base. Alternatively, you might also be able to get the chest recipe by breaking any of the wooden boxes around the map.

You can find some behind the house and I was able to get it from one of those but it’s based on luck. The important thing to note is to keep breaking chests whenever you find them. Then, access the construction menu (default hotkey: B) and craft the chest from there.

To summarize, you can craft a chest in Don’t Die in the West after you complete all tasks on the first page of the Ledger Table. This will grant you the chest recipe, which you can then craft from the construction menu (default hotkey: B). Now you’re able to store your items and go on exploring without worrying about losing everything. Do you think the chest should be unlocked earlier in the game? Let us know in the comments. Before leaving, if you’re interested in getting a solid early-game weapon to fight off bandits and animals, here’s how to get a bow and arrows in Don’t Die in the West.

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