How to catch chickens in Don't Die in the West - character leading a chicken with the lasso.

Don’t Die in the West chickens – how to catch them

Did you just build a chicken coop and can’t figure out how to catch chickens in Don’t Die in the West? Here’s how to do it. Chickens are fairly easy to catch and will allow you to start producing eggs, which is going to make a great meal once you progress in the game and unlock more cooking recipes. For now, let’s focus on increasing your egg production. This guide will include everything you need to know about catching chickens.

How to catch chickens in Don't Die in the West - interact and use the chicken coop.

How to catch chickens in Don’t Die in the West

To catch chickens in Don’t Die in the West, get a Straw Lasso and find a chicken around your ranch. Capture it by charging the Lasso (default hotkey: hold left-click) and simply walk to your chicken coop to bring it there.

Once you’re at the chicken coop, stay right next to it and when the lasso breaks, the chicken will automatically enter the coop. You don’t need to press anything else. If you don’t have a coop yet, check out our guide on how to unlock and build a chicken coop in Don’t Die in the West.

With the chicken inside, you’ll start getting eggs every in-game day, so make sure to check your coop often.

Keep in mind that while leading the chicken, the lasso might break. If it breaks, use another one and catch the chicken again. Also, the lasso’s durability decreases with each step you take while leading a chicken. Due to that, it’s important to find a chicken as close to your coop as possible. Otherwise, you’ll need multiple lassos to catch it.

How to get Straw Lasso

To get a Staw Lasso, complete Frank’s quest and craft the chicken coop. As a reward, you’ll get a Straw Lasso to capture your first chicken. Alternatively, you can also find it in wooden crates as a random drop. Overall, wooden crates contain many valuable items so it’s important to break them when you find them.

To summarize, you can catch chickens in Don’t Die in the West by using a Straw Lasso and leading them to your coop. Once close by, they will automatically get inside and start producing eggs every in-game day. Just make sure to find chickens close to your farm as the lasso doesn’t have infinite durability and will break after walking a few steps while leading a chicken. Did you manage to find a lasso easily? Let us know of your ranching experiences so far by commenting below. For more similar content, consider checking out our guide on how to unlock the wooden chest in Don’t Die in the West. Storage is important, especially early on.

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