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Diablo 4 start game pending error explained

Playing an online game early can be frustrating, as issues abound and just playing can be difficult. Blizzard fans are going through this again as many of them have encountered the Diablo 4 start game pending error.

Unfortunately, many were expecting this to happen since this is the action RPG’s launch week. The betas for this game were exceptional, which is why fans want to start playing the official release immediately.

Now we’ll explain all about the Diablo 4 start game pending error and see if there are solutions to this problem.

What is the Diablo 4 start game pending error?

This error happens when players get stuck in an infinite loading screen after trying to start the game. Since there is a huge influx of gamers who want to play the game, servers are having difficulties.

Many of us saw this happening when it was announced the RPG was always going to be online. While fans hope for an option to play offline, we probably won’t see that feature anytime soon.

If anything, this shows that being an early adopter isn’t always what many make it out to be. Missing out is one thing but getting a pending error for wanting to start the game is a bigger issue.

Unfortunately, since Diablo 4 just launched, there aren’t any major solutions to this problem just yet. Options are currently limited to canceling queues and restarting the game, which isn’t what fans want to hear. You can also check if others are having problems with the servers here.

Both options aren’t great, as they can lead to fans having to queue up again, which means more waiting. With fans wanting to hack and slash right away, the Diablo 4 start game pending error is just the worst.

Since this game is going to get a ton of support, fans may want to wait a bit before picking it up. This issue affects every copy of the game, so both PC and console fans are equal in their suffering.

That’s what fans need to know about this issue. For more Diablo 4, here’s how to install the game’s high-resolution assets. Mobile players can also check out the best class in Diablo Immortal.