How to collect an Aqueous Hematite Sample in Starfield

Starfield Aqueous Hematite Sample - Exploring the base

Starfield offers players a vast galaxy to explore and numerous quests to embark on. One such quest is the Delivering Devils quest, which includes optional objectives that can enhance your understanding of the mission. One of these optional objectives involves collecting an Aqueous Hematite sample. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of collecting an Aqueous Hematite Sample in Starfield.

This sample is pretty useful, as it can be processed and used for temporarily enhancing the carrying capacity.

Read on to find out how to collect the Aqueous Hematite Sample in Starfield and where to get it.

How to collect Aqueous Hematite Sample in Starfield

You can find the Aqueous Hematite sample from The Deep Mine. To begin your quest for the Aqueous Hematite sample, you must first locate Cambridge Cooper, who will present you with an opportunity to help pay off Percival’s debts. Cooper can be found in the Sixth Circle bar, nestled in the bustling Cydonia City. Upon entering the bar, make your way to a corner where Cooper awaits. Take a moment to listen to his intriguing business proposal, which will set you on your path to the mines.

After your encounter with Cambridge Cooper, it’s time to embark on your journey to The Deep Mine. Fortunately, the mine is conveniently located near the Sixth Circle bar, making it easily accessible. Follow the quest marker to guide you to the entrance of the mine.

As you delve deeper into The Deep Mine, be prepared to face off against various enemies that stand in your way. Engage in combat and defeat them to ensure your safe passage through the mine. Once you have cleared the area, proceed to interact with their leader, who may have valuable information regarding the whereabouts of the Aqueous Hematite.

With the information provided by the mine leader, continue your exploration within The Deep Mine. Navigate your way back to the chamber where you first arrived and direct your attention to the metal stairs. Beneath the stairs lies the coveted Aqueous Hematite sample. Utilize your trusty laser cutter to carefully extract a sample of the mineral.

How to process the Aqueous Hematite Sample

After obtaining the Aqueous Hematite sample, proceed to the next room where you will find a Thresher. This machine is essential for processing the sample and extracting its full potential. Place the sample into the Thesher and allow the machine to work its magic. Once the process is complete, you will have in your possession a valuable resource known as the Pick-Me-Up.

The Pick-Me-Up possesses the remarkable ability to temporarily enhance your carry capacity. This newfound capacity will prove invaluable as you continue your interstellar adventures in Starfield.

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