Starfield War Relics guide – Should you Persuade or Pay Gel?

Starfield War relics - Talking to Gel

Starfield is filled with intriguing characters and captivating quests. One such quest, War Relics, requires you to find a robot called Kaiser. The key to locating Kaiser lies in the hands of Gel, a character who demands either payment or persuasion in exchange for the information. In this Starfield War Relics guide, we will delve into whether you should persuade or pay Gel in Starfield.

When faced with the choice of obtaining the information from Gel, it can be a perplexing decision. Paying the requested amount upfront may seem like the easiest and quickest way to acquire the information. On the other hand, employing your persuasive abilities may lead to a discounted price. To successfully persuade Gel, it is crucial to possess high persuasion skills. This will enable you to navigate through an engaging dialogue and convince Gel to lower the price for the desired intel.

Read on to find out whether you should persuade or pay Gel with this Starfield War Relics guide.

Should you Pay or Persuade Gel in Starfield?

You should persuade Gel in Starfield to get the discount. To initiate the persuasion process with Gel, you must excel in the art of negotiation. Once the conversation begins, your goal is to fill eight persuasion bars within three rounds and under. This will ensure that Gel divulges the information you seek. To achieve this, you can employ various persuasive techniques.

  • Convincing Gel of an Irresistible Offer: Start by persuading Gel that he won’t receive a better offer elsewhere. Highlight the exclusivity and value of the information you’re seeking. This can pique Gel’s interest and make him more amenable to negotiation.
  • Diplomacy and Trust: Establish a rapport with Gel by demonstrating your trust and faith in his integrity. Assure him that you believe he isn’t trying to deceive you. This can help in building a foundation of trust and further open the doors to negotiation.
  • Leveraging Kaiser’s Importance: Emphasize the significance of Kaiser in combating the Terrormorph attacks. Convince Gel that Kaiser holds the key to putting an end to these destructive incidents. By highlighting the critical role Kaiser plays in the game’s narrative, you can strengthen your negotiation position and potentially receive a discounted rate.

How to use companions in Starfield

In Starfield, your companions can significantly impact your interactions with other characters. During the negotiation with Gel, consider allowing your companions to voice their opinions. Their input can sway Gel’s decision and further lower the price of the desired information. By involving your companions in the conversation, you demonstrate unity and create a more compelling case for a reduced price.

After successfully persuading Gel and negotiating the price, you can further drive down the cost by reaching the lowest possible amount, which is typically around 350 credits. Once the price has been agreed upon, promptly pay Gel and obtain the data you require. With the information in hand, you can proceed with your quest and continue your thrilling journey through Starfield.

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