Pikin 4 blue Onion coming from the ground

How to get the Blue Onion in Pikmin 4

In the thrilling world of Pikmin 4, progressing through the game heavily relies on your ability to gather and utilize different types of Pikmin. Among the various creatures you can command, the Blue Pikmin stand out as valuable allies due to their unique abilities. To obtain a steady supply of Blue Pikmin, you must obtain the elusive Onion of the same color. In this guide, we will explore the methods to acquire the Blue Onion in Pikmin 4 and create new pikmins.

Obtaining the Blue Onion is pivotal in expanding your Pikmin army and progressing through the game. Whether you choose to follow the intended method or opt for a more unconventional approach, the Blue Onion will grant you access to a valuable resource – the Blue Pikmin.

Continue reading to find out how to get the Blue Onion in Pikmin 4 and create the blues.

How to get the Blue Onion in Pikmin 4

To acquire the Blue Onion in the game, you must increase your party size to a maximum of 50 Pikmin. You can achieve this by locating and collecting Farlics scattered across multiple areas. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach a party size of 50 solely within the first area, necessitating exploration and the discovery of Farlics elsewhere.

After assembling a party of 50 Pikmin, proceed to the Sun-Speckled Terrace. Here, you will encounter a large body of water that separates you from the Blue Onion. Utilize 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze the water, creating a solid path for your expedition. With this icy bridge in place, take a group of 20 Red Pikmin across the frozen lake.

Then, construct a climbing structure on the other side. This structure will provide access to the Blue Onion. At this point, you can command your Red Pikmin to carry the Blue Onion back to your base, ensuring a steady supply of Blue Pikmin moving forward.

Alternate method to obtain Blue Onion

There is a second method to obtain the Blue Onion in the game. This method involves utilizing solely Ice Pikmin to transport the Blue Onion across the icy water. While this technique may seem enticing due to its simplicity, it requires constant freezing and unfreezing of the lake, resulting in a somewhat tedious process.

To employ this method, begin by freezing the water bit by bit using your Ice Pikmin. Move slowly and steadily, inching the Blue Onion across the frozen path. While this strategy allows for the early acquisition of the Blue Onion, it is a bit slow. Thus we recommend it for players who are not in a rush, willing to endure the repetitive nature of the task.

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