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Final Fantasy 16 Tiamat – how to beat

Tiamat is a familiar face in the Final Fantasy series, having appeared in previous games as one of the franchise’s most memorable villains. In Final Fantasy 16, Tiamat is the leader of a dangerous group of soldiers called the Bearers. To emerge victorious against this formidable foe, this guide will provide you with the strategies needed to overcome Final Fantasy 16 Tiamat.

Tiamat will appear during the “A Chance Encounter” quest. This boss battle takes place at the Nysa Defile in the Dhalmekian Republic. To emerge triumphant, you will need to make strategic use of your abilities and tactics.

If you are struggling to defeat the challenging Final Fantasy 16 Tiamat boss, do not worry. Below are some helpful tips that will guide you toward victory.

How to beat Tiamat in Final Fantasy 16

To defeat Tiamat, one must swiftly dodge one of its attacks and then successfully employ the powerful Phoenix Shift ability to close the gap between you and Tiamat. It will create an opportunity to unleash devastating combo skills. For example, Rising Flame and Scarlett Cyclone, which inflict substantial damage to Tiamat and reduce its health meter. Therefore, when Tiamat’s will is staggered or weakened, the player should strike quickly with overwhelming force to take advantage of the situation.

However, be wary of Tiamat’s Enruin ability. This move can result in a series of deadly combos, which may significantly decrease your health bar. To reduce this risk, you should avoid attacking during this turn. Instead, you might focus on dodging attacks until Tiamat completes this series of attacks. 

Once you have triumphed over Tiamat, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Defeating Tiamat grants you 94x Experience Points, 104x Ability Points, and 300x Gil. Additionally, Tiamat will drop rare crafting materials. Wyrrite and Meteorite, for example, can be used to reinforce your gear and equipment.

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