How to Get Copper and Silver in Palia Characters mining a rock

How to Get Copper and Silver in Palia

Resource management in Palia is an essential element of its gameplay. It dictates how you utilize the materials you find while exploring the world and how you can use them to progress through the game. Among the various materials you get, Copper and Silver always take a lot of priority. They are the basic items that you will always need to craft something, so you definitely need to keep them in your inventory. Here’s how you can get Copper and Gold in Palia.

There are a couple of items you can craft with Copper and Silver, and moreover, having every type of metal on hand will always come in handy in the long run. But be careful not to become a serial hoarder. Having too much of something is not always good.

Keep reading and find out about how you can get Copper and Gold in Palia. This article will help you to find these items and add them to your long collection of materials.

How to Get Copper and Silver in Palia Character mining copper ore

Here’s you can get Copper and Silver in Palia

You can find Copper and Silver by mining Copper and Silver ores that spawn in clusters near Kilima Village. The size of the cluster will influence the number of Copper and Silver ore you will get. Then, you will need to smelt them in a smelter and turn them into Copper and Silver bars.

They are two of the most common items that you find at the beginning of the game, so you just need to use a pickaxe to mine them. To get this tool just talk to Hodari who is the Mining Guild in Kimila Village. You need to explore the mountainous area if you want to find the ores more consistently.

Alternatively, if you want Copper and Silver bars directly in their final form. Then, you can buy a Copper bar from the Blacksmith in Kilima Village for 80 Gold and a Silver bar from Hodari’s Mining Guild Store when you reach Mining level 4 for 250 gold.

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