Starfield - Purchasing the Ship parts

Starfield ship parts – how to get them

In Starfield, engaging in intense space combat is an exhilarating experience. However, sustaining damage during dogfights is inevitable. To ensure your survival, it is crucial to have the ability to repair your ship mid-fight. In this guide, we will explore the various ways to obtain ship parts in Starfield, as well as alternative methods to repair your ship. 

Ship parts serve as essential resources for repairs, and acquiring them can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with where to look.

So, let’s embark on this journey and discover the secrets of acquiring ship parts in Starfield.

How to get more ship parts in Starfield

Here are some of the ways to obtain the ship parts in Starfield:

Purchasing Ship Parts from Vendors

One of the easiest ways to acquire ship parts in Starfield is by purchasing them from various vendors scattered throughout the universe. While this method may be expensive, it provides a convenient option for acquiring ship parts quickly. Among the notable vendors, Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis stands out as a reliable source for ship parts. 

To find it, head through the security checkpoint near your ship and proceed to the left until you spot the distinctive JM symbol. Other vendors, such as the UC Distribution Center at New Atlantis and the UC Exchange at Cydonia on Mars, also offer ship parts for sale. Keep an eye out for these vendors as you explore the game world.

Looting Ship Parts from Destroyed Enemy Ships

If you find yourself short on credits or prefer a more adventurous approach to obtaining ship parts, looting the cargo holds of destroyed enemy ships is an excellent option. In the heat of battle, when you successfully destroy enemy vessels, their cargo holds become accessible to you. By flying within 500 meters of the wreckage, you can loot these cargo holds and often find valuable ship parts. 

Additionally, you can disable the engines of enemy ships using Targeting Control Systems and then board them to retrieve ship parts from their cargo containers. This method not only rewards you with ship parts but also adds a thrilling element to your combat encounters.

Saving Pilots for Ship Parts

Another way to acquire ship parts in Starfield is by coming to the aid of pilots under attack by hostile forces. When you encounter a fellow pilot in distress, engaging in combat to defeat the enemy ships and save their life can yield valuable rewards. 

Once you successfully defend them, the grateful pilots will offer you various forms of gratitude. By selecting the option “I could use some extra repair parts,” you can receive ship parts as a token of their appreciation. 

How to repair a ship with ship parts

After acquiring ship parts through any of the aforementioned methods, it’s time to put them to use and repair your damaged vessel. Ship parts serve as a vital resource for restoring your ship’s hull integrity during combat. To initiate the repair process, press the designated button (O on the keyboard or push down on the right thumbstick on a controller). 

Once activated, ship parts will gradually repair four percent of your ship’s hull every second for ten seconds. It is crucial to use these ship parts before your hull health reaches a critical level that surpasses the repair rate, ensuring that you can outpace the incoming damage.

Other methods of ship repair

While ship parts are a valuable resource for repairing your ship, there is an alternative method available in Starfield. If you find yourself in a major city’s landing zone, you can seek the assistance of a Ship Services Technician. These technicians offer ship repair services for a small fee, allowing you to fully restore your ship’s functionality. 

Although this method provides a convenient solution, it is essential to consider the cost and availability of technicians, especially when you are far away from major cities. Therefore, utilizing ship parts remains a cost-effective and accessible option for most situations.

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