The Sims 4 Scientist career guide Character inventing something

The Sims 4 Scientist career guide

If you want your Sim to explore the wonderful world of Science, then making them pursue a career as a Scientist makes total sense. Furthermore, being a Scientist in The Sims 4 comes with its own unique perks and challenges that every science lover will really enjoy. Still, to help out the beginners, here’s The Sims 4 scientist career guide.

In this career path, your Sim will be creating crazy inventions and making useful serums which will surely keep the gameplay loop fresh and interesting.

In any case, scroll down and read on to our easy-to-understand The Sims 4 scientist career guide.

The Sims 4 Scientist career guide Character looking at a hologram

The Sims 4 Scientist career guide explained

This career option was added to the game with the Get to Work expansion pack and you can access it via your Sim’s phone or from the Career Panel menu. The skill your Sim has to train the most is Logic, and the most useful traits for this career have to be the Genius and Geek traits. Having a Curator Aspiration can be pretty advantageous as you can then ask your co-workers for certain items

Your Sim will start at Level 1 with the job title of Lab Technician, there are a total of 10 Levels with the final one being Extraterrestrial Explorer.

The Sims 4 Scientist career guide Character collecting resources

Daily Tasks

As there are so many things going on in this career path, here is a list of all of the major tasks your Sim will have to do while progressing through the levels.

  • Your Sim has to create the Momentum Conserver, SimRay, and other devices with the help of Invention Constructor.
  • Your Sim then has to use their inventions after pulling them out of the Invention Constructor machine.
  • Your Sim needs to improve their inventions.
  • Your Sim will have to create serums and analyze them with the help of a chemical analyzer.
  • Your Sim will need to grow plants for creating serum.

There are still many random events that your Sim will encounter in this career, so don’t panic and just go with the flow. Make sure to buy seeds during the earlier levels as having them in bulk will help you out a lot during the later levels. Constantly try to utilize the notebook your Sim will get so that you can see the recipes for the serum.

The Sims 4 Scientist career guide Character having an eureka moment

Breakthrough/Eureka Moments

Having Eureka moments is important for promotion in this career path as this will provide your Sim with more design ideas for new inventions and serums. To increase the chances of having these moments, you will have to keep increasing your Logic Skill and keep your Sim Focused.

Your Sim can do this by interacting with certain objects, such as playing chess, working on the computer, tinkering with various objects, drinking black tea, looking at fossils, etc. if you are doing everything right, you will soon see a lightbulb icon which when clicked will create an Eureka moment. Nerd Brain Aspiration is pretty good to have for this task.

This is all of the important things you need to know about being a Scientist in The Sims 4. If what you read was helpful, then please check out our other articles such as Hollow Knight charm combos – the best ones and The Sims 4 Law career guide.