The Sims 4 Painter career guide Characters discussing about a painting

The Sims 4 Painter career guide

In this career option, your Sim will be able to flex their painting skills and create masterpieces that will definitely stand the test of time. However, before you turn your Sim into a master painter you need to know where to start, so to help you out here’s The Sims 4 painter career guide.

By making your Sim into a painter, you will be able to make money just by painting and showcasing your creativity to the world, so it is perfect for players who are not into boring desk jobs and want something more fulfilling and intellectual for their Sim.

So, read on and use The Sims 4 Painter career guide.

The Sims 4 Painter career guide Character looking at a painting

The ultimate Sim 4 Painter career guide

To start this job option, just go to the career panel menu and choose Painter. Once this is done, you can now officially begin your journey of becoming a professional painter. There are some traits such as Creative, Outgoing, and Genius which will really help your Sim level faster.

The earlier levels totally require you to focus on your Sim’s Painting Skills, so keep the ideal mood to Getting Inspired. Having Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration is also very effective.

You can also make money by selling your paintings to art galleries. If you have the Get to Work Expansion pack, you can sell your paintings to retail for even higher prices. And if you are more of an investing type, then your Sim can open up their own painting store for selling them. Lastly, you can also hire an agent for acquiring extra cash.

When you complete level 6 in this career, it will separate into two branches. One is Patron of the Arts and the other Master of the Real.

The Sims 4 Painter career guide Character sketching a building

Patron of the Arts branch

In this branch, you will have to train your Sim’s Painting and Charisma Skills. Your Sim’s daily tasks will be all about looking at paintings in various galleries. That definitely sounds like a dream job, right? Anyway, you will also want to keep your Charisma up by using the mirror and brushing your Sim’s teeth.

The Sims 4 Painter career guide Character painting

Master of the Real branch

This branch is for players who just want to focus on painting masterpieces. Your Sim’s daily task is just to paint paintings in this specialization. Thus, your Sim will need higher Logic and Painting Skills. Additionally, this branch is preferred by the players due to short working hours and the same benefits when compared to the Patron of the Arts branch.

These were all of the important things you needed to know about the Painter career in The Sims 4. If this guide helped you out, then please check out our other content, such as Hollow Knight Lake of Unn – how to get to the secret area and The Sims 4 Education career guide.