Counter-Strike 2 smoke changes explained - smoke in the distance

Counter-Strike 2 smoke changes explained

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Counter-Strike 2 has finally been announced, much to the excitement of players across the globe. Valve has released some details on what to expect from the update. In this guide, we will take you through the Counter-Strike 2 smoke changes.

The game’s appearance, including maps, weapons, items, and the UI, is said to be improved. Smokes, which are important in the game, have been reworked and will be “responsive smokes.”

So, let’s find out more about this new feature and all you need to know about the Counter-Strike 2 smoke changes!

Smoke changes in Counter-Strike 2 

In Counter-Strike 2, smokes have undergone some changes. They are now coded as three-dimensional objects. This means that they will be responsive to the environment they’re in. So, they will be affected by gunshots, grenades, and light. 

If a player shoots through smoke, the shot will briefly create a line of sight. This may also disperse the smoke quicker. This is quite a new thing for players as for CS:GO, if you shoot through a smoke, nothing happens. 

One-way smokes, which allowed some players to see through them while others could not, were a problem in CS:GO. Thus, the devs have improved this feature so that players can have an easier time. The smoke in Counter-Strike 2 will be less opaque. They will also naturally expand through windows and doorways, and retain consistency.

It’s safe to say that the improvements made to smokes in Counter-Strike 2 will allow for better gameplay. Even if you haven’t played CS:GO before, the reworked smokes are something to look forward to. We’ll have to wait until launch to see how effective smokes will be and the new possibilities they’ll bring.

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