Genshin Impacts mew kaveh character Kaveh screaming with red eyes and blonde hair

Genshin Impact’s new Kaveh character is a Bloom god

New Genshin Impact character Kaveh’s power has been revealed through a new leaked video of Genshin Impact that shows how the character will be a great new addition to those constructing Bloom team comps in the live-service game.

It has been confirmed by the game’s official social media accounts that Kaveh will be arriving in version 3.6, which is expected to release in mid-April. Along with Kaveh, the long-awaited Dendro catalyst Baizhu has also been announced by HoYoverse. Baizhu will have a higher five-star rarity while Kaveh will be a four-star character. Many players believe that they might be put on the same banner cycle for easier acquisition of both Dendro users.

Kaveh, an architect introduced in Genshin Impact’s recent Sumeru Archon Quest, is known for his actions led by emotions, unlike his roommate Alhaitham, who is known for his rationality. The leaked video suggests that Kaveh can be used in the Bloom team composition, which focuses on the Bloom elemental reaction causing explosive Dendro cores to drop on the field whenever Hydro and Dendro are combined. To make this team viable, players need to use the Hydro user Nilou, whose kit buffs the cores’ damage potential, range, and cooldown.

Kokomi, the second Hydro character in the video, applies as much elemental damage as possible. Kaveh could be a great fit for this team composition as he can constantly apply the Dendro element. However, it should be noted that the footage was taken from a private server, and the damage numbers could be inaccurate. Kaveh’s Elemental Skill, Artistic Ingenuity, allows him to use Mehrak, a special device hidden in his suitcase, to deal Dendro damage to all nearby enemies. His burst deploys a field effect that grants different buffs, similar to Nahida’s burst. The Sumeru Archon is also a must-have in this type of team comp as she’s still the best Dendro support in Genshin Impact.

Nahida’s strength lies in her ability to adapt to almost every team comp in the game that uses the Dendro element. Recent leaks have hinted that Nahida will also be featured in the next Genshin Impact update, which means that players will have the option to pull for at least three different Dendro users in Genshin Impact 3.6.

Regardless of which of the characters you’ll have a preference for, it’s hard to deny that Kaveh is going to be popular. He’s a new character and Bloom is all the rage at the moment. We’ll find out when the new update drops, but until then we’ll settle for what we can get.