Fire Emblem Engage Chloe - Character is giving a pose

Fire Emblem Engage Chloe – how to recruit

Fire Emblem Engage is a popular game that offers an impressive roster of playable characters. One of the sought-after characters is Chloe, a royal knight from the Firene kingdom. In this guide, we will delve into the process of recruiting Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage and explore her abilities.

Chloe is a skilled royal knight. Initially, Chloe is tasked with protecting Princess Celine, but with your assistance, she can join your squad and become a valuable asset in your battles.

Read on to find out how to recruit Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage and make an invaluable addition to your squad.

How to recruit Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

To recruit Chloe, you need to progress through the main story until you reach Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. At the beginning of this chapter, Chloe will automatically join your squad, eliminating the need for any special requirements or additional steps to recruit her.

Chloe’s Abilities and Classes

Chloe possesses great potential as a flying unit in Fire Emblem Engage. Her starting class is Lance Flier, which allows her to ride a pegasus and utilize its mobility to her advantage. However, the best class for Chloe is the Griffin Knight.

The Griffin Knight Class

The Griffin Knight class offers similar advantages to the Lance Flier class but with the added benefit of riding a powerful griffin. This majestic creature enhances Chloe’s strength and mobility, granting her a tactical advantage on the battlefield. With the Griffin Knight class, Chloe can easily traverse any terrain, ignoring mobility restrictions and swiftly reaching enemy units.

Choosing the Right Emblem for Chloe

In Fire Emblem Engage, emblems play a crucial role in enhancing a character’s abilities. For Chloe, the ideal emblem choices are Sigurd and Marth.

Sigurd Emblem

The Sigurd emblem, which becomes available in Chapter 4, synergizes perfectly with Chloe’s flying capabilities. It provides her with even greater mobility, allowing her to swiftly navigate the battlefield and reach enemy units in the backlines. With the Sigurd emblem, Chloe can execute strategic maneuvers and surprise her opponents.

Marth Emblem

Alternatively, the Marth emblem, available from the beginning of the game, is a viable choice for Chloe. This emblem complements Chloe’s low SP requirements, enabling her to unleash powerful attacks without worrying about resource limitations. The Marth emblem ensures that Chloe remains a formidable force in battle.

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