PGA Tour 2K24 release date and everything we know

PGA Tour 2K24 release date and everything we know

Last year Pga Tour 2k23 was one of the best golf games, especially thanks to its crossplay feature and course list. But, most of the more enthusiastic gamers have probably already tried everything in that game. So, let’s look ahead: what about PGA Tour 2k24 release date?

The long running series of golf games by 2K has now been going strong for many years, with each release bringing interesting new gameplay features, new golfers, equipment and, naturally, new courses to play on.

But we probably already have enough of playing last year’s golf course, so let’s look at PGA Tour 2k24 release date.

When will Pga Tour 2k24’s release date be?

Considering that last year’s game, 2k23, was released in the fall, we can bet that Pga Tour 2k24 release date will be sometime in October 2023. Clearly, that’s just speculation at this point, but – overall – 2K seems to have been more or less constant in their release schedule, so there’s a tiny bit of hope they will keep the same schedule.

What will we see from the new game? Since last year’s game introduce the new 3-Click swing, perhaps we’ll get the chance to play with some more adjustments to the controls, along with the usual mandatory updates to the golfers rooster, brands, equipment and perhaps some fresh new course to play on.

We can be sure that probably Pga Tour 2k24 will keep Tiger Woods as a playable character, as that was a big selling point for last year’s golf game and we are sure players want to keep coming back to him as much as possible. Perhaps we’ll also see some more classic golfers introduce along him, such as Arnold Palmer.

We will be sure to update this guide as soon as we have more news, in the meantime you could take a look at our other guides such as all playable golfers.