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PGA Tour 2K24 release date estimate and everything we know

Last year Pga Tour 2k23 was one of the best golf games, especially thanks to its crossplay feature and course list. But, most of the more enthusiastic gamers have probably already tried everything in that game. So, let’s look ahead: what about PGA Tour 2k24 release date? Is the game going to be released?

But we probably already have enough of playing last year’s golf course, so let’s look at PGA Tour 2k24 release date.

Read on below to find out all the information we have on the game and its modes.

When is the PGA Tour 2k24 release date?

Honestly, considering it is already November, we will be surprised if the game is released in 2024. At this point, it is fair to assume that the golf series is going to skip this year and instead go directly for a PGA Tour 2K25. I think that is more than simple speculation at this point, especially considering that 2K has kept to a more or less constant release schedule.

Why did they skip this year? That is a great question, especially considering how last year’s game introduced the new 3-Click swing. Perhaps 2K considered there wasn’t a lot of interest in the game and decided to skip one year, especially because it has been a very busy schedule in Autumn of 2023 as well.

So, what will we see next year? Probably Pga Tour 2k25 will keep Tiger Woods as a playable character, as that was a big selling point for last year’s golf game, and we are sure players want to keep coming back to him as much as possible. Perhaps we’ll also see some more classic golfers introduce along with him, such as Arnold Palmer.

If we have any news to the contrary, we will be sure to update this guide. But so far, consider instead spending your time with PGA Tour 2K23 instead, and all playable golfers.

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