Starfield system requirements – what we know

Starfield system requirements – what we know

Ah, space, the final frontier. Or perhaps a place that you can escape to, as Tim Curry used to say. Anyway, it is where we want to spend the rest of our lives, exploring planets around and finding new unexplored star systems. Bethesda’s Starfield will allow us to do all that, of course. But… what are the Starfield system requirements?

Naturally, we can expect the studio to be working again its magic on the upcoming RPG title, from what we’ve seen there’s definitely some AAA production quality at work. Therefore, we can be fairly sure that it will be difficult that our grandpa’s computer, which barely manages to run Facebook so he can post his racist rants, will be up to scratch.

Let us then speculate a bit on the basis of what we’ve seen, here’s everything we have discovered so far about the Starfield system requirements for PC.

Starfield system requirements

We are expecting the recommended settings to include at least a Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, a RTX 3060 GPU, a fast SSD (at least 2.5GB/s speed), 16 GB of Ram and at least 8 GB of Video ram on your GPU of choice.

As for at least being able to run the game without expecting those 60FPS, then we can lower the requirements to a Ryzen 7 2700 CPU or an i5 8400, along with a GPU the likes of a GTX 1060 or RX 580, plus 8 GB of RAM and 4 to 6 GB of VRAM. Still, you’ll need a good SSD to load in all those promised planets.

We’ll update this section as soon as we get more accurate information.

What do you think? Will you upgrade your old computer just to have a shot at running decently Bethesda’s upcoming RPG? Or will you play it on consoles? Well, with your old computer you can definitely have some fun with games with lesser production values but still plenty of fun, like Vampire Survivors and Stardew Valley, which you can check out our guides for.