Large Shiny Pebble Palia - how to use Character being happy

Large Shiny Pebble Palia – how to use

Hoarding items in Palia is an addiction that many players are trying to fix. But this game makes this process pretty hard, as many of the things you collect in this game, at first glance, seem purposeless. These items will just stay in your inventory as an agonizing reminder of how much still you don’t know about this game. So, to make one of these strange items a little familiar. Here’s what the Large Shiny Pebble in Palia is used for.

This is a beautiful item, and many for a long time suspected it has some kind of use in the game. Well, they are right! Because this pebble is, in fact, one of the items you need to get a particular accomplishment in the game. Thus, it is a valuable collectible, so don’t throw it away.

Keep reading to find out what is the use of the Large Shiny Pebble in Palia. After understanding its use, your inventory will finally become a little empty.

Large Shiny Pebble Palia - how to use Character talking to a robot

How to use the Large Shiny Pebble in Palia

After you find the Large Shiny Pebble, gift it to Einar. You can generally find him at the Fisherman’s Lagoon or at his house near Whispering Banks. Einar will really like this Pebble and he will reveal that it was one of the pebbles he collected as he lost all of them. If you manage to find all of the other pebbles for him, you will get a complete accomplishment called Pebbled Plunder.

The following are all of the pebbles you need to find for Einar to get this accomplishment:

  • Green Shiny Pebble
  • Lumpy Shiny Pebble
  • Purple Shiny Pebble
  • Small Shiny Pebble
  • Large Shiny Pebble
  • Blue Shiny Pebble
  • Red Shiny Pebble
  • Yellow Shiny Pebble

Once you find them all and give them to Einar, he will then give you a unique adornment and 30 Renown. Currently, there are no exact locations you can scour around to find these pebbles as they seem to be random spawns.

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