Palia Oily Anchovy - where to find it Character about to catch a fish

Palia Oily Anchovy – where to find it

Catching a specific fish in Palia heavily depends on the place where you are fishing. Palia’s map is pretty big. So, it can get frustrating if you don’t know the exact place where this particular fish is found. The Oily Anchovy in Palia is one of these fish.

They are not the rarest, but you still need to go to a particular water body to increase the chances of them getting caught. So, to help you out, this is where you can find this fish.

Keep reading to find out where you can find Oliy Anchovy in Palia. Once you recognize the places where Oliy Anchovy generally hangs out, catching it will become a breeze.

Olivy Anchovy locations in Palia

When it comes to catching Oily Anchovy, you can find them by fishing near the bridge at Proudhorn Pass, on the southeast side of the river at Thorny Thicket, and in the river at Statue Garden. These are three locations that have high chances for Oly Anchovy to spawn.

You can catch Oily Anchovy at any time of day. However, you need to use bait to attract this fish. So, before fishing, head to Zeki’s General Store and buy some Worms.

When it comes to the fishing rod, you need to just play the game for a while, and you will get a free fishing rod from Einar. You can sell this fish for 52 Gold, but if you want it as a pet, there is always the option to keep it in an aquarium.

Oily Anchovy is also tied to a quest called Everybody Wins, given by Nai’o. Apparently, this fish is strangely appetizing and is in high demand when it comes to making pies. Thus, if you like making dishes in Palia, Oily Anchovy definitely needs to be in your inventory.

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