How to farm gold fast in Palia Character gliding over a beach

How to farm gold fast in Palia

To make Palia a little easier to play, you definitely need to get rich. But grinding for Gold can take a lot of time, and sometimes it is not even worth it. Thankfully, players have figured out a couple of methods of getting rich in this game that you can actually follow and literally farm Gold in Palia. We will be talking about the best one.

Having a huge amount of Gold in Palia is really helpful, especially when you are a player who wants to buy every single item in the game. With enough Gold in your bank account, you will be able to explore Bahari Bay without any worry, which can make your gameplay even more enjoyable.

Keep reading to find out about the best method to farm Gold in Palia. Don’t forget about us once you get rich, okay?

How to farm gold fast in Palia Character catching a bug

Best way to farm Gold in Palia

The best and most efficient way to farm Gold in Palia is apparently to go on a bug run. You go out and capture as many bugs as you can, then come back and sell them all. Sounds simple?

Basically, start from the Beachcomber Cave and then head towards Hideaway Bluffs and Pluswater Plain. Along the way, just keep on capturing bugs you encounter. Doing this for an hour and then selling these bugs will easily earn you about 4,000+ Gold. Remember to sell them through your shipping bins.

This part about this method is that Bugs are generally kind of useless when compared to other items you can sell in the game. So, it is way more profitable. Furthermore, you can start your bug run at any time of the day. The only thing you will have to worry about is having enough smoke bombs to last the entire run.

How to unlock smoke bombs

If you haven’t unlocked the smoke bombs yet and don’t know anything about them, then here’s a quick explanation. There is a bug-catching quest called Bug Catching 101 that is given by Auni. Go talk to them and learn all of the basics. Once you finish this quest, you will hopefully have some pre-made Smoke Bombs and their recipe.

You only need 1 Sundrop Lily and 1 Clay to craft over 20 Smoke bombs, so you will always have more bombs than insects you’ve caught. Just continue getting smoke bombs and get those bugs and sell them.

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