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Factorio best furnace layout explained

Who ever thought running a full factory could have been so fun, huh? Well, the success of indie game Factorio definitely seems to confirm it is, with its overall logic definitely resembling that of programming, with rules and orders. But, sometimes, it is also useful to have some kind of guidance, so let’s see how we can plan Factorio best furnace layout.

In this guide, we’ll learn how to quickly design and project a factory that works without wasting time trying out alternate routes and losing precious materials in the process. As you’ll quickly observe in your time playing Factorio, the best plan is always to learn what you’re doing right from the beginning and keep things under control as you progress and enlarge your factory.

So, let us not waste any more time, to aid all players looking to get the most out of their playtime, let’s see how to get the Factorio best furnace layout.

Factorio best furnace layout

There’s definitely several things to keep track of when building your furnace in Factorio. But, Here’s how to get the best factory layout in Factorio:

  • Location: while placing initial belts close to the “source” is inevitable at the start, remember to leave enough space for all different belts you’ll want to build in the future;
  • Smelters: it would be ideal to place 24 different smelters while keeping a 1 tile of space between different rows, so you can place belts there which will go around the outside of the furnaces.
  • Delivery belts: use belts to delivery fuel, rather than ore, as it is more power efficient and use undergroundies to go around to the other side of your layout. Also, upgrade to red belts as soon as possible as they use half the fuel.
  • Miners: place them on both sides of the belts, remembering that the one in the middle will work more than the ones placed last so adjust accordingly.
  • Steel arrays: keep a little space for those as well, as a direct feed array in their case will definitely help in working a full production with no pauses or stops.
  • Furnaces: while electric furnaces sound pretty attractive, unless you’re able to feed them energy for free (with solar power), then they’re definitely not recommended, just stick with the usual steel ones.

With these few simple tips, we are sure that you’ll be able to build quite the nice furnace layout that will not only look good (for all you ADHD obsessives out there), but also work fine. If you’re looking for some other Factorio tips, check out our Factorio beginner’s guide.