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Factorio Nintendo Switch release date and trailer

Working in a factory, elbow grease and all, under the black smoke of the chimneys… what a miserable life. Wait, what? Are you really saying that it can also be fun? Of course! And, well, it can also be a game. Yes, we are once again talking about one of the surprise hits of 2020, Factorio. But this time we have some news, since Factorio is coming to a new portable console. When is Factorio Nintendo Switch release date?

Factorio is definitely a game that was a long time in development, considering its alpha version came out nine years before its official release date, in August of 2020. It has, since, been improved and patched. But this time, listening to the recent news, there are definitely some new players that will be able to have a good time while building their factories, furnaces and fighting against biters.

So let us not dawdle any longer and let’s see what they said in the last Nintendo Direct and find out when the Factorio Nintendo Switch release date is.

Factorio Nintendo Switch release date

Factorio will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 28. Look forward to the game to hit the Nintendo eShop and have your downloads ready!

The release date has been confirmed in the latest Nintendo Direct so we can be sure that the game will reach everyone at the start of next month and you’ll finally be able to play it on the go as well! Have your furnaces ready to go.

Factorio Nintendo Switch trailer

Below, you can see Factorio running on the Nintendo Switch console. We think portable Factorio is great and we can’t wait to play it, but playing with thumbsticks might slow things down.

While you’re waiting for the game to come out on Nintendo’s latest console, there are definitely some other interesting information you can check out. Like our guide with the best tips for starting out a run in Factorio or, if you can’t have enough of that factory goodness, also the latest news about the expansion.