Exoprimal Ravager - best beginner assault rifle explained Character holding an assault rifle

Exoprimal Ravager – best beginner assault rifle explained

If you are a beginner player who just wants to cause a lot of damage to the dinosaurs in Exoprimal, then the Deadeye build is perfect for you. It’s an assault-type build that focuses on the offensive and yearns for dino blood. However, to successfully master this build you will need to begin with the Ravager. If you don’t know where to start, let us tell you about the Exoprimal Ravager and all you need to know.

Having this assault rifle for the Deadeye build is really important, as this will be your primary weapon which you are going to constantly use for destroying the dinosaurs and help your teammates out of dangerous and tense situations.

However, if you are still not convinced then please read on and find out about Exoprimal Ravager and why it’s the best beginner assault rifle.

Exoprimal Ravager - best beginner assault rifle explained Character shooting at a T-rex

What makes Ravager the best Exoprimal assault rifle

The Ravager is a full auto assault rifle, and you can aim down its sight to increase the accuracy. Thus, enemies within 10m-70m will get demolished, and it does not even have any cooldown. So, if you want to mow down a large group of dinosaurs at once, then this is the best option.

If you are using the Damage Chain module, it will heavily increase the damage output of the Ravager, turning it into a death machine that can eliminate hordes of enemies rushing toward your team. It also has a stacking damage boost. Hitting enemies with this rifle consecutively, its base damage increases significantly.

Therefore, it is pretty easy to say that the Ravager is the deadliest and strongest assault rifle in Exoprimal. Ravagers’ damage output combined with all of the other modules, rigs, and Deadeye’s agility, makes this build pretty effective and useful. So, you should definitely check this build-out if you are looking for something more dynamic and deadly.

We are sure that the Ravager will not only make your life easier, but also the game more fun. There’s lots of blood and gore in Exoprimal, and this deadly weapon only contributes. Shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Clear away those dinos, once and for all. That’s what we like.

Hopefully, all of these points convince you to use the Ravager in Exoprimal. If you liked what you just read then please check out our other articles such as Jagged Alliance 3 custom merc – how to create and Exoprimal voice actors and cast.