Exoprimal Krieger build - best loadout Characters in exo-suits taunting

Exoprimal Krieger build – best loadout

Becoming a tank in Exoprimal is actually pretty advantageous as you are now capable of taking an insane amount of damage without breaking a sweat. And of course, it’s a two-way street with tank builds, cause you are not only defending your team with your armor but also causing heavy damage to the prehistoric creatures. Thus, the Exoprimal Krieger build is the best tank built currently in the game.

However, you still need to keep in mind what kind of loadout goes well with this build. So, having a harmonious blend of modules and rig setup with the Krieger build goes a long way toward striking fear into the hearts and souls of the crazy dinosaurs you trying to eliminate.

This way, you will not only level up faster but you can also show off to your teammates how better you are than them. So, keep reading about the Exoprimal Kieger build and find out about its best loadout.

Exoprimal Krieger build - best loadout Character in an exo-suit running and shooting dinosaurs

Best loadout for Krieger build in Exoprimal

The following is the best loadout you have to keep in mind while making the Krieger build in Exoprimal:

  • Module 1: Rapid Shot
  • Module 2: Electro Missile
  • Module 3: Thrust Enhancer
  • Rig: Blade

All of this will make your Krieger build the tank it deserves to be. You will be able to unleash havoc, shoot missiles and machine guns, and always carry your team through dangerous situations. Let’s look at them in more detail then.

Rapid shot

The rapid shot will increase the rate of fire, and no dinosaur will be able to escape its wrath. You can get quite more bullets out than usual, thus making short work of the strongest beasts. That’s one thing you want to keep.


The electro-missile has a paralyzing effect, that will not only cause a lot of damage but also make other dinosaurs immobile who are near the explosion. A great way to do massive damage to a whole heard in one shot.

Thrust Enhancer

Finally, the thrust enhancer helps you push through large hoards of dinosaurs. It can easily enable you to make a safe path for your team. A great way to avoid being cornered by too many dinosaurs at once.

This is all there is to know about the best Krieger build and loadout for Exoprimal. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles such as Exoprimal tips and tricks and Jagged Alliance 3 Steam Deck performance and best settings.