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Exoprimal suit abilities guide

Exoprimal, the thrilling dinosaur-filled wargame, requires more than just quick reflexes and sharpshooting skills. To survive and thrive in this dangerous world, players must carefully choose the right Exosuit that suits their playstyle and objectives. In this guide, we’ll explore the Exoprimal suit abilities, there’s much to discover.

Each Exosuit comes with unique abilities, weapons, and strengths, allowing for a wide range of tactics. Choosing the right one is essential in going for victory

Read on to know about the Exoprimal suit abilities, to make your dino killing experience much better.

All Exoprimal suit abilities

Exosuits in Exoprimal are categorized into three distinct roles: Assault, Tank, and Support. Each role serves a specific purpose on the battlefield, and understanding their abilities is crucial for success:

Assault Exosuits


The Deadeye Exosuit, a versatile option boasting 500 HP and a formidable machine gun, proves to be an outstanding choice. Its offensive capability grants players the ability to launch a grenade in a forward arc, inflicting explosive damage upon their adversaries. For heightened evasive maneuverability, the suit allows for a swift roll with a brief cooldown, ensuring the user’s safety. In terms of defense, the Deadeye is equipped with a short-range palm strike, effectively pushing enemies away.


Zephyr, an Exosuit focused on close-quarters combat, boasts lightning-fast blades and a robust 350 HP. Its offensive capability allows players to charge forward, delivering a powerful shove that can inflict high damage upon enemies. To navigate the battlefield with agility, Zephyr possesses a dodging ability that enables quick teleportation over short distances, providing tactical advantages in close-range encounters. As a means of defense against incoming attacks, Zephyr employs a rising kick that forcefully launches opponents into the air.


Barrage is an Exosuit with 500 HP and a powerful launcher. It can fire 6 bouncy explosives before reloading. Its offensive ability launches Barrage into the air, where it releases three grenades. The dodging ability is a stylish dodge roll with flair. Barrage’s defensive ability produces a stun grenade that knocks foes down, creating opportunities for follow-up attacks.


Vigilant is an Exosuit with 350 HP that wields a powerful rifle. It can fire a three-round burst with 30 rounds before reloading. By aiming down the sights, the rifle transforms into a sniper rifle, capable of firing precise single shots or five shots at once. Vigilant’s offensive ability, Power Shot, deals massive damage without using ammo. It also has enhanced mobility with a double jump that launches it high into the air. To defend itself, Vigilant can freeze enemies with a cluster of ice upon impact.

Tank Exosuits


Roadblock is a powerful melee Exosuit with a massive shield and 1000 HP. It can block incoming attacks with its raised shield and deliver devastating blows with its offensive ability. Roadblock can also perform evasive maneuvers with a short hop and draw enemy attention with its defensive ability.


Krieger is a powerful Exosuit with 900 HP and a minigun. Its offensive ability can target three enemies and launch homing missiles at each of them. The dodging ability allows Krieger to slide long distances, damaging enemies along the way. Krieger’s defensive ability creates a protective shield for teammates.


Murasame is an Exosuit with a katana that has 700 HP. It can attack by swiping its katana in a circular motion, damaging nearby enemies. It can also throw a short-range knife to move toward an enemy and perform a jump or a falling slice attack. In defense, Murasame can counterattack and strengthen its sword after absorbing enough damage.


Support Exosuits


Witchdoctor wields a weak electric prod and has 400 HP. Its offensive ability shoots a short-range limb that can either slow enemies or heal allies, depending on the situation. Its evasion capability involves a large airborne roll forward, which can be converted into a jump for added mobility. As for support, Witchdoctor generates a vast healing area that benefits nearby allies. When activated, the ultimate ability – Vital Aura – hinders nearby enemies while fully restoring Witchdoctor and nearby allies.


Skywave is a must-have Exosuit with 400 HP and a rifle that not only deals damage to enemies but also heals allies. Its offensive ability fires a wide projectile that disrupts foes and heals allies. The dodging ability allows Skywave to glide to the ground, offering great mobility. Its defensive ability creates a field that pulls enemies toward the center, making them easier targets.


Nimbus is an Exosuit with 400 HP and two pistols. It has a defensive ability for switching between powerful rounds and health-restoring shots, adding versatility in combat. Its offensive ability summons four additional pistols for a burst of ammo, similar to Deadeye. The dodging ability creates a spectral copy of Nimbus, allowing for tactical advantages.

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