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The Sims 4 criminal career guide

Not all careers in The Sims 4 always have to be centered around honesty and hard work; sometimes to give your Sim a luxurious life, you have to break some rules. Fortunately, the Get to Work expansion pack has made being a criminal in this game a legitimate career in which your Sim can take part in many immoral activities. So, here’s a useful The Sims 4 criminal career guide.

Taking part in these rebellious activities does make this career option pretty exciting, cool, and mysterious when compared to other career options in the game.

So, read on to find out how you can start your criminal journey with the help of The Sims 4 criminal career guide.

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The Ultimate Criminal Career Guide for The Sims 4

When it comes to major skills you need to raise, it would be the Mischief skill combined with Handiness and Programming Skills. This will help you a lot in the long run. You can also utilize certain traits to maximize your performance and help your Sim out immensely. Traits such as Convivial, Homey, and Fast Internet will help you train the core skills for this career.

You can also have the Public Enemy aspiration for an even more effective performance. When it comes to daily tasks during the beginning levels, your Sim majorly needs to cause some Mischief, you can do this by pranking people with hand buzzers, or if you don’t want to interact with others, then your Sim can Troll teh Tech Forums for which you will only need a computer.

Now, at level 6, you will get the specialization option for your Sim, and you have to choose between the Boss Branch or the Oracle Branch.

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Going forward with the Boss Branch

At levels 6 and 7 of the Boss Branch career path, you will be called upon to perform Mean Interactions. as much as possible The general mood your sim needs to be in would be Focused and Confident. Then at levels 8 and 9 your daily task will change from this to Upgrading Objects, so your Handiness skill should also be at higher levels. 

And once you reach the highest level in the career, which is level 10, your daily task again becomes performing Mean Interactions.

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Going forward with the Oracle Branch

In this branch, your Sim will be mainly involved with the computer with the daily task being hacking or creating viruses. The Genius trait will be very useful for this branch in specific. You will unlock the ability to Hack Mainframe, this will make your Sim focused and also make hacking more profitable.

You can also work on side projects to increase your Programming skills and Logic. This branch can become very profitable as long as the hacks are successful.

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