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The Sims 4 conservationist career guide

Make your Sim the symbol of environmental and marine life preservation by turning into a conservationist. This career option was added to Sim 4 with the Island Living Expansion pack which also introduced the Sulani island chain. So, to make this noble profession for your Sim even more effective, we have crafted this easy-to-understand The Sims 4 conservationist career guide.

Let your Sim feel the tropical breeze of Sulani and enjoy watching them walk down sandy beaches and interact with sea turtles and so much more, as being a conservationist automatically requires your Sim to be closer to nature.

So, hop into this paradise and read on about this The Sims 4 conservationist career guide.

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The Sims 4 conservationist career guide explained

You can start the Conservationist career by just going to the career panel menu or going to the business section of your Sim’s phone. It is still highly recommended to move your Sim to Sulani Island as this career path is designed around this area. Although this work can be virtually done from anywhere, there is also a work-from-home option as well.

The larger goal of this job is the improve the environmental condition of this island, so you will interact with a lot of different species and plants found in this tropical paradise while also interacting with people hanging out there.

The best way to prepare for this job is to level up your Logic skills. Your Sim can do this by doing Research Conservation interaction on the PC, using the microscope, observatory or just playing plain old chess. But don’t forget about your Sim’s Charisma skill as well as it might come in handy later.

Some of the very helpful traits to have for this job are Genius, Active, and the Child of the Ocean traits. The latter is very useful once you start doing jobs that involve swimming in the ocean. From levels 1-6, your daily tasks generally involve Spread Conservation Awareness and taking samples from the Ocean which your Sim can do by finding polluted spots.

You will also get nature points for doing general preservation of islands like collecting garbage or stopping people from littering. At level 6, this career like many others separates into two branches, Marine Biologist and Environmental Manager.

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Choosing the Marine Biologist branch

For this branch, you mainly need high levels of Fitness skills. We have to keep in shape, indeed, if we want to be a biologist. Figure that. As your Sim mainly will have to spend time swimming in the ocean, studying wildlife and the ocean floor.

Surveying the ocean wildlife is a daily task, by looking around you will definitely get to discover new species of fish. It is recommended to start saving also for scuba gear, as that might come in handy pretty soon.

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Choosing the Environmental Manager Branch

This branch revolves around the political actions your Sim takes for the preservation of the Island. Thus, you will need a high level of Logic and Charisma to perform smoothly. You’ll need to pass policy referendums and as daily tasks, your Sim needs to Prepare Grant Applications. You can even shoot nature documentaries for royalties, although this ability will also be available for Marine Biologists.

These are all of the important highlights you needed to know about the Conservationist career route in The Sims 4. If you liked what you read, you should check out our other content such as the State of Decay 3 release date, trailer, news, and How to play Avowed on Xbox One.