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The Sims 4 civil designer career guide

Spending countless hours playing The Sims 4 and only leveling up your Sim character may feel a little bit self-centered. But worry not as you can now make your Sim give back to the community with the help of the Eco lifestyle expansion pack. With this, your Sim can start a career as a civil designer and we have created a perfect The Sims 4 civil designer career guide for you.

Creating neighborhood action plans and green infrastructure is actually a very fun and entertaining job to do in The Sim 4. Furthermore, your Sim will also be paid for the work they will be doing for their community.

So, let’s not wait around any longer, read on and find out about The Sims 4 civil designer career guide we created for you.

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Everything you need to know about being a civil designer in Sims 4

To start the Civil Designer job, you simply have to open up the career panel menu or just go to the business section for your Sim’s phone. However, keep in mind that for this particular career, choosing the Eco Innovator Aspiration is important, and reaching level 10 in it rewards you with 2,100 Satisfaction and the individual influence trait as well. This will help you a lot with future jobs.

Meaning, with this aspiration, your Sim can influence neighbors and convince people to vote for their plans, vote on certain neighborhood action plans, and sell power and water to utility companies.

Till level 3, your primary daily task will be to interview homeowners about utilities, so this activity is fairly straightforward. You will also get an Electronic Drafting Tablet used for work-from-home tasks that you can access from your inventory. The main skills to increase are Logic and Handiness. From level 4, this career path will get separated into two branches Civic Planner and Green Technician.

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Being a Civic Planner in Sims 4

If you choose the Civil Planner route, then your daily task is to mainly gain influence. There is a respectable income your Sim going to get and at higher levels, you will double that amount as well. 

Logic and Charisma skills are pretty important for this branch. You will also get a new Champion of the People Reward Trait and a lot of Satisfaction points that you can spend on the Reward store.

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Being a Green Technician in Sims 4

If you choose the Green Technician route, your daily task will be to manufacture eco-friendly upgrades. Logic and Fabrication skill is essential for this line of work. When your Sim gets promoted, you will also get Store No More Home Fabricator which helps in developing new Fabrication skills and craft recipes.

Furthermore, your Sim will also get a Smog Machine and Meat Wall, so if being a Civil Planner makes you more influential among people, then a Green Technician makes your Sim an eco-friendly inventor and lets you create more direct solutions to the problems plaguing the community.

These were all of the important pieces of information you needed to know about the Civil Designer career in The Sims 4. If you liked what you read then check out our other articles such as Wavetale gets a physical Nintendo Switch release and it’s gorgeous and Resident Evil 4 in widescreen reveals too much Leon Kennedy.