resident evil 4 widescreen leon kennedy holding a pistol

Resident Evil 4 in widescreen reveals too much Leon Kennedy

With the recent Resident Evil 4 remake turning heads with its fancy new graphics, it’s hard to remember that the original came out almost twenty – gulp – years ago. It’s also hard to remember what it played and looked like.

However, a Redditor named ‘Jeffery2084‘ has taken to the forum to show what happens if you introduce new hardware into the original mix. Playing on a modern widescreen monitor, the poster shows off how in an ultra-wide aspect ratio, you can actually see Leon Kennedy’s character model outside of the UI during codec calls.

This strange behavior from the game shows that, in fact, the game is using the full character models from these calls and just placing an overlay over them to hide everything but their faces from the player. I mean, look at those bulbous shoulders – he clearly works out.

Other users in the thread point out that games from this era used to use all kinds of little tricks to keep things out of the player’s view back in the day. One of these is from the MMORPG World of Warcraft, which used to use invisible rabbits or imps jammed under the map and hidden to trigger quests as the players approached.

Another user points out that even Skyrim uses chests hidden near merchant NPCs to store and transfer goods that the player sells and buys from them, too. The facade never ends.

Regardless, gaming is full of these little stories that are fascinating to find out. We just hope bulbous-armed Leon Kennedy doesn’t enter out dreams tonight. My god, it looks like he’s peering through your window.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If you fancy checking this out for yourself, you can still grab the original Resident Evil 4 on Steam if you want full-on cheesy Kennedy in all his greatness.