Ravenlok bosses guide – how to defeat them all

Ravenlok bosses guide running towards queen

There’s nothing more fun than going against bosses. Wait, did we say fun? We meant frustrating. Okay, really it is a little bit of both, it is a new challenge that can become not very fun in the long run if we are not able to progress. So let’s see how we should defeat all the Ravenlok bosses and make short work of them.

The game by Cococumber has a lot of bosses, along with other varied quests such as finding the elevator lever and the mask pieces.

But we are here to defeat those big meanies and breeze through all the Ravenlok bosses, so let’s do that.

How to defeat the bosses in Ravenlok

First things first, a major recommendation for you: keep your character level up. This way, you will always be strong enough to go against many of the enemies without having to continuously retreat or use potions. With that said, let’s look at them:

  • Weeping Fungi: we have a whole guide about it, check out how to defeat the first boss;
  • Buvador the Bison: beware of its charging attack and keep your distance, go in for the attack while it is recharging.
  • Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum: the two brothers attack in pairs and can be quite difficult to keep at bay, use your charing and homing attacks while they are chasing you as they are a bit slow.
  • Ugsak the Glutton: this blob has a poison attack which can be a bit of a hassle, attack from the sides and get away when it releases poison gas.
  • Thorlaron the Hydra: wait for the heads to strike down and then slash them as much as possible, use the charging attack when the dragon is far.
  • Helios the Golden: probably the most difficult boss fight as it is a multi-stage one, try to keep your health up and be careful of its slinging attack, and make short work of the soldiers when they appear.
  • Shani the Sorceress: quite easier compared to Helios, break the plants in the stage, wait for her to come down and slash her to death, repeat.
  • Woodlock Dodo: slash it as much as possible, then go in with the magic attacks whenever possible, shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Esmeralda: we have a guide for it here on how to defeat Esmeralda.
  • Card Sentry: keep your distance from its strong attacks and use your magic attacks.
  • Queen Dreda: she will have two phases, with the first one being the strongest as she will deal with several attacks, keep your distance and spam your homing attacks, go in for the slashes when she gets close. In the second phase, just spam everything you have and run around, should be over soon.

That’s all the bosses of Ravenlok, now you are a master of the game.

For more Ravenlok guides, check out our full walkthrough of the indie game.

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