Ravenlok sword shield grabbing the sword from pedestal

Ravenlok sword and shield – how to arm yourself

It is the most classic moment in so many action titles (and RPGs as well): that fated moment where you grab your weapons and head to battle. But if you can’t find any weapons, well that’s a bit of a head-scratcher. So if you’ve been lost searching for the Ravenlok sword and shield, no worries as we are here to help.

This is the very first quest of the game, well the second really, but without completing this one, and the combat tutorial, it is not possible to go anywhere. After that, you can start looking to open the shop, find the mask pieces and defeat the Weeping fungi.

So let’s look at where the Ravenlok sword and shield are so we can get to defeating those nasty enemies in the charming Cococucumber world.

Where are the sword and shield?

So, the weapon is actually in quite an easy place to find, while the shield is quite a different discussion. Basically, the sword is stuck inside a pedestal on the second screen to the right, next to the castle’s gate, while the shield is in a closet.

That’s all there is to it, right? Well yes more or less. As mentioned, the sword is really the easiest of the two, just travel south and east of the starting place and you will find a huge castle gate, a friendly gargoyle and, to the right, a pedestal. Go to the pedestal and grab the sword, that’s all there is.

The shield is a tad more complicated, as it is actually hidden from plain view. You want to go inside the mansion, which you will find north of the starting flower. Enter it and go to the right, next to the floating candles you will see a closet.

The game will ask you if you want to open it, say yes and inside you will find the shield. Voilà, now you are armed and ready to start the combat tutorial and go fight some enemies, so you can start earning levels.

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