Ravenlok mask pieces - where are they

Ravenlok mask pieces – where are they?

We are all wearing a mask, aren’t we? Perhaps in social situations or even all the time, with ourselves. Okay, this is getting a bit too philosophical, we are here to talk about games after all. So if you’re tearing your hair out over finding the Ravenlok mask pieces, we are here to help.

These are necessary if you want to get backstage in the theatre, otherwise, the bouncer (or bounce-rabbit maybe) won’t let you in. So finding the missing items literally becomes a barrier to progression in Ravenlok. Who would have thought?

So, as we are all ready to get dressed for that masked ball, then let’s look at where all the required Ravenlok mask pieces can be found. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about the quest.

Ravenlok mask pieces – Where are the items?

Luckily for us, all the mask pieces can be found in the Mask Mansion, actually not very far from where the bouncer is standing. Here are the four pieces with their respective locations:

  • The first mask piece can be found in the corridor on the left, in front of the puzzle box.
  • The second mask piece is in the corridor in front of the first one you just went to, right next to the tired and unhappy soot bunnies
  • The third piece is back in the main hall of the mansion, in the staircase on the right
  • Finally, the fourth mask piece is on a small red sofa on the left, right in the main hall.

Get ready as getting all the masks and bringing them back to get a costume, will cause us to get attacked by a wave of enemies. It is not very difficult but better be ready with some grenades and potions, just for good measure.

That’s all you need to know about where to find the mask pieces. But if you’re still having trouble with the game, check out our guides on botanist console and where to find the figurines.

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