Ravenlok botanist console Flora Esmeralda

Ravenlok botanist console – how to defeat Esmeralda

Caring about plants is always very good, they can be a great companion right? But sometimes, gardening can get out of one’s hands, which ends with a huge plant wanting to kill us. Well okay, not in real life, but definitely in video games. If you’re having trouble with the Ravenlok botanist console, we’ll tell you what values to put in.

The console is the last step before the boss fight with Esmeralda, which Ernst the Botanist is caring after. The fight comes at a late part of the game, but should not be too difficult if you’re being careful with your bombs and magic attacks.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to the boss fight and puzzle. If you’re looking for how to solve the Ravenlok botanist console, then keep reading.

Ravenlok anti poison ring avoiding green bullets

Ravenlok botanist console – how to use it and defeat Esmeralda

In order to begin the fight against Esmeralda, you have to use the botanist console to get the huge plant. But what values should we put in? The numbers you should put in are 180 and minus 18.

The clues you will get are :

  • Maximum restorative effects occur when applied for 18 seconds
  • In-tank carbon dioxide levels maintained at 81% are ideal
  • Duration of exposure must be precisely 108 minutes
  • The cryostat temperature is -18 degrees for compound merging

While it is not clear how you’re supposed to use all these clues, the numbers are there, both 180 and minus eighteen degrees. Flora Esmeralda has a slash and a lunge attack, which she will use repeatedly, just keep using your magic attacks and slashes, while circling around it. Shouldn’t be a long fight.

That takes care of Flora Esmeralda, but if you’re stuck in other parts of Ravenlok then check out our guides on Dragon’s Bribe quest and the runestone puzzle.

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