Ravenlok blessing spell main character with witch

Ravenlok blessing spell – how to open the shop

We all like to have a bit of a good luck charm in our lives. Perhaps you might not believe in such things, and we are not blaming you, but it is still nice to have a souvenir. Or even better a blessing, especially if you’re stuck in Wonderland. So let’s look at how to create the Ravenlok blessing spell so we can access Etta’ shop.

This is a necessary item so you can also proceed in other quests, for example, that is where you’re able to buy the anti poison ring.

So let’s look at all the steps to create the Ravenlok blessing spell so we can get to shopping.

Ravenlok blessing spell – How to create the blessing spell and open the shop

The blessing spell will be created by the witch or, rather, she will give us the necessary information and we’ll have to make it ourselves. The spell is all about recovering three ingredients, putting them in the cauldron and lighting up the fire to make the potion.

The first ingredient is one you already have after starting the quest, Mustard Seed Tea. The second one is simply about defeating the Weeping Fungi boss, which will be just right of where the witch is waiting for us. After that, hand her the boss’ head and we’ll be off for our third ingredient.

The third is a Bison horn, which we can get by defeating another boss, Buvador the Bison. It can be found after doing a few quests in the place where all the deer are, talk with the main deer and it will lead you to the boss fight. Defeat it and take the horn back to the witch.

Now, the witch tells us to put all the ingredients in the cauldron inside her hut. But… how to light the fire? To do that, you need to solve a quest for the Cauldron, just outside of the witch’s hut, which is just about finding 5 cinder pieces around the stage. Find them, light the fire and bring the blessing back to Etta. Voilà, the shop is open.

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