Ravenlok elevator lever friendly golem

Ravenlok elevator lever – where is the item?

To operate an elevator, you need a lever. Well, okay not really, usually we just push buttons and they seem to function pretty much alright. So what’s the deal here? Well, to find the Ravenlok elevator lever, we definitely need a bit of hard work.

This is a bit that comes after having defeated the Twins, after having liberated the soot bunnies from the workshop. Those poor bunnies really needed someone to save them from their work.

We need to be able to operate this elevator to get to the planetarium, getting us close to the final fight with the evil Queen. So, where is that pesky Ravenlok elevator lever?

Ravenlok elevator lever – how to get the item and progress

Despite thinking it might be in quite the logical place, it really is not. The elevator lever is actually found in the labyrinth of mirrors. Yeah, go figures. What is it even doing there? Some questions are better left unanswered.

But of course, it might not be as easy as that. Where exactly in the labyrinth is the lever? Well, once you’ve entered, to the left you will see the Crane. But no, she won’t give you anything, even though we want to keep her around for a few more minutes.

Continue looking in the same direction, you will find a table. Are you already getting it? The elevator is right there, on the table, just interact with it and you will get it. So now you can go back to the Mask Mansion in order to operate it.

How do you get into the labyrinth? You’ll need to solve a few other quests, specifically the sleeping goddess and also the funicular access, so to help you with that we have collected all of our guides in a nifty full walkthrough. No need to thank us, don’t worry.