Starfield Paradiso - a stunning resort

Paradiso Starfield location overview – rewards, events, map

Paradiso stands out as a visually stunning resort that offers more than just a picturesque backdrop. It provides opportunities for players to engage in quests, make impactful decisions, and uncover hidden secrets, making it a multifaceted and dynamic part of the Starfield universe. In this guide, we’ll embark on an exploration of Starfield Paradiso, a standout location and a must-visit vacation spot within the game. 

Get ready to discover the vibrant and dynamic world of Paradiso, uncover its hidden secrets, and participate in thrilling quests that will make your journey unforgettable.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Starfield Paradiso.

Starfield Paradiso location

Paradiso is a sprawling resort located in orbit over Porrima II, a planet nestled within the Porrima star system. This system is home to six planets, all sharing the name “Porrima” but distinguished by different numbers. You can find Porrima II close to Alpha Centauri, with Olympus and Volii acting as waypoints on your journey.

To reach Porrima II, navigate to Alpha Centauri and utilize the Grav Jump feature to propel yourself to Olympus, then to Volii, and finally to your desired destination. Ensure that you have ample fuel and allocate sufficient power to the Grav Jump process for a seamless interstellar travel experience.

Unveiling the Side Quests in Paradiso

Paradiso is not only a visually stunning resort but also a hub of adventure and intrigue. Engaging in side quests will add depth, choice, and excitement to your Starfield experience. Let’s take a closer look at two captivating quests available within Paradiso.

Quest 1: First Contact

The “First Contact” mission plunges you into the role of an intermediary between Paradiso and an ancient Earth ship that arrived centuries ago. As you navigate this quest, your choices and actions will shape the fate of the ship’s inhabitants. Will you be a peacemaker, a diplomat, or a catalyst for change? The universe is yours to shape, and the outcomes of this mission will leave a lasting impact on your Starfield journey.

Quest 2: Lost and Found

In the delightful quest known as “Lost and Found,” you’ll assist the friendly concierge at Paradiso in locating various items lost by guests during their stay at the resort. These lost treasures are scattered throughout Paradiso, waiting to be discovered in hidden nooks and crannies. By successfully tracking down these items and returning them to the concierge, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, adding a touch of charm and fulfillment to your Paradiso experience.

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