Starfield the Almagest jackpot combination guide Characters walking through an alien planet

Starfield the Almagest jackpot combination guide

The gaming community collectively has shown a positive attitude towards the new Bethesda title: Starfield. For the past few days, players have immersed themselves in the vast new world of this AAA game. But, the wide variety of locations and characters also creates many unanswered questions. One of them is regarding the Almagest jackpot combination in Starfield. This article will let you know about this elusive code.

Starfield has many different planets you can travel to and explore. Each of these planets has its own stories, factions, and NPCs you can interact with. The Almagest are no different, as they are a group of hostile spacers holding the Jackpot terminal.

Keep reading to find out about the Almagest Jackpot combination in Starfield.

Starfield the Almagest jackpot combination guide Character looking at a vault door

What is the Almagest Jackpot combination in Starfield?

The Jackpot combination is 12,19, 36, and 5. Choosing all these numbers in this chronological order will open up this Jackpot terminal. Once it opens, just click on the “Payout Winning” option. You will get a reward of 3700 credits.

Inside the room where you will find this Jackpot terminal, there will also be a contraband cache. Remember to loot this chest as well to maximize your winnings.

Where can you find the Almagest Jackpot Terminal?

Due to the vastness of space, you may not even find this Jackpot terminal in the first place. So, to get there, you have to travel to the Olympus star system. Then, next to the Nesoi planet, you will see the Almagest space station. Dock on this station when you are within 500m. Inside, there will be no gravity, so start floating.

Move through the hallways, and fall down to the lower levels. Turn left and look for the giant vault door. there will be a couple of random items floating in front of it. If you look at the vault door closely, you will see a small vent below it. Go through this vent and you will reach the place with the Jackpot terminal.

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