Immortals of Aveum Underwell - All Golden Chest locations Characters looking at a giant being

Immortals of Aveum Underwell – All Golden Chest locations

EA’s newest AAA release, Immortals of Aveum, is a chock full of mesmerizing collectibles. They are littered through its exuberant map that will test your platforming skills and knowledge about magical spells. Immortals of Aveum has created a fascinating world of magic that somehow integrates intensely punchy FPS mechanics. The result is an addictive gameplay loop for completionists looking to get all the achievements. However, this feat will stay unfinished if they don’t collect all of the out-of-sight Golden Chests. This is where this article comes in and provides you with all Golden Chest locations in Immortals of Aveum. Specifically in the Underwell region.

The locations of these Golden Chests will generally test out how well you can move the playable character, and how well you can use the concoction of magical spells you have. So, it can be challenging if you waste time in places that don’t contain these Golden Chests.

Keep reading to find out about all Underwell Golden Chest Locations in Immortals of Aveum and where to find them.

Immortals of Aveum Underwell - All Golden Chest locations Character flying inside of a cave

All Underwell Golden Chests locations in Immortals of Aveum

Remember to unlock all of the spells before heading out. The following are all the locations where you can find the Golden Chests:

  • Golden Chest 1: From the purple crystal-lit ledges, jump across the gap to the other side. Then grapple back and land on the ledge above the doorway you came in.
  • Golden Chest 2: Keep moving forward from the Golden Chest 1 area. You will find a cavern, and there will be another Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest 3: Go to the middle level. Grapple and reach the bigger cave. There, inside of the smaller cave on the southern side, you will find the Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest 4: From the Golden Chest 3 location, move northeast. You should reach an open area with bridges and a dilapidated structure. On the second floor, you will find a cave, and inside of it will be the Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest 5: In the Golden Chest 4 area, jump to the highest floor, and you will find a hallway blocked by a blue barrier that leads to a Golden Chest.
  • Golden Chest 6: Keep moving forward from the Golden Chest 4 area. You will reach the lowest point and a large gap. Grapple to the other side and enter this giant room with a puzzle. Solve this puzzle and it will open up another room with a Golden Chest inside of it.
  • Golden Chest 7: Move straight ahead from the Golden Chest 6 area, and you will soon reach another giant room filled with purple crystal. Grapple to the top floor, and inside it, you will find a Golden Chest in front of a waterfall.
  • Golden Chest 8: Come out of the Golden Chest 7 area’s top floor, and the moment you come closer to the head of the statue, jump on the left side. You find another room. Go inside it, and behind the platform with the glowing chest, there will be a green trigger. So, use your magic to open a trap door, and jump down. You will find a Golden Chest.

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