How to repair the boat in Stardew Valley - player repairing boat

How to repair the boat in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley has been expanded with the addition of a new island, which was one of the main features in update 1.5 for PC and consoles. In this guide, we will take you through how to repair the boat in Stardew Valley.

A new island, named Ginger Island, is a significant addition to the game, with many new features and activities to explore. You can access it by fixing the boat, which, of course, you have to find first.

Well, we’re here to help you! Let’s find out how to repair the boat in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley – how to repair the boat

To repair the boat, you need to wait for Willy to send a letter. This letter will only be sent after finishing the Community Center bundles, so it is important to complete them first. It can take up to two days for it to arrive. Repairing the boat requires specific supplies so we will see which ones.

Before the update, the back door in the Fish Shop didn’t serve any purpose in the game. However, now it is a crucial component in accessing Ginger Island. Once you have the letter, you can enter the unlocked room in the Fish Shop and find the boat that needs repairs.

We mentioned the supplies. They are:

  • five iridium bars to fix the anchor;
  • five battery packs to fix the ticket machine;
  • 200 pieces of hardwood to fix the hull.

To get iridium bars, players can explore the Skull Cavern or use the Statue of Perfection. You can get battery packs from the Traveling Cart southwest of the farm or make them using Lightning Rods. As for Hardwood, you can get them from the Secret Woods, where players can collect up to 12 pieces per day.

Once all three boat components are repaired, players can sail to Ginger Island and explore all it has to offer. Now you know how to go about repairing the boat in Stardew Valley. Looking for more guides? Here’s How to get pumpkin soup and How to build a coop.