Cult of the Lamb map icons character with shovel

Cult of the Lamb map icons guide

Cult of the Lamb is not just about cult management and daily sermons, there is also some roguelike gameplay: Crusades. It is the main way to collect resources and followers. They are randomly generated with a flow chart map with a number of icons and symbols, therefore it’s crucial for you to recognize all the Cult of the Lamb map icons.

Crusades are not straightforward, there are some symbols you have to be familiar with, but with our guide you will become an expert in no time, able to fully navigate the realms of the game. 

You are going to encounter 14 different icons, all of which will bring you some advantages in the adventure, one way or the other. So, without any further delay let’s see all the Cult of the Lamb map icons!

Identify all of Cult of the Lamb map icons

While not all map icons are important, it is essential to know them all, as to understand what to expect the moment we enter a room. These are all the map icons:

  • Normal fight – The most common symbol, inverted crucifix. In these areas you have rooms to explore and enemies to kill. A great chance to practice before encountering a boss, try out a new weapon, satisfy your thirst for blood;
  • Resources – Bones, Coins, Lumber and Stones and Food. Everything you need to keep your cult prosperous, well fed, and ritualized.  Every little thing counts;
  • Miniboss – Every time you end a Crusade you will face this little skull, which is the miniboss. Defeat it and get three choices as a reward: who to indoctrinate and recruit as a new follower;
  • Bishop fight – The icon of the miter, the bishop’s hat with a little green evil eye within. These areas you will appear only after completing the dungeon four times, after defeating the minibosses , so as you have probably already figured out you are going to find challenges greater than minibosses, so beware wanderer;
  • Pray – If the miter has a red eye instead of a green evil one, you can enter the area and receive some gift from the bounty of The One Who Waits;
  • New Follower – These nodes are crucial for you, as you always need new followers. You can easily recognize the icon since it represent someone knelled in adoration. Defeat several waves of enemies to prove yourself worthy of a new follower;
  • Hearts – If you came out of a combat badly beaten fear not! Where there is a heart, there is the comforting Ratoo who will restore your health;
  • Event – a question mark, what does it mean? Both good and bad things: sometimes increasing the loyalty of your followers, sometimes your enemies become stronger. Be wary of the risk;
  • Shop – A little house with its marquee, a room where you can do your shopping. Keep an eye on it because shops are sporadic in crusades and the red ribbon at the bottom of the frame will give you some insight about the goods in stock;
  • Tarot – This icon tells you can visit Clauneck, in case you didn’t encounter his tent during your crusade. Here you can choose a new tarot card, for a price, of course. However, if you have the doctrine in place which allows you to pull 4 tarots at the beginning of your crusade, you won’t be able to visit Clauneck’s tent.

These are all the Cult of the Lamb map icons you will encounter in the game, you are now free to explore and try them out! If you want to know more about the game, check out our opinion on Cult of the Lamb as a satanical Animal Crossing and how to heal.