Ravenlok missing painting looking at painting

Ravenlok missing painting – where is it?

It can happen to anyone at any time. You walk into your nice house and suddenly, where it used to hang a nice painting, now there’s nothing except dust and an empty space. Who came in and stole it? Well, that’s what’s been happening with the Ravenlok missing painting, apparently.

This is an early quest which will take a bit to be solved, but we need it in order to later find the elevator lever and also the greenhouse. So it’s actually crucial to find the artwork early on to avoid annoyances later.

So, let’s get our best Sherlock Holmes hat and outfit and get on the track of that Ravenlok missing panting.

Ravenlok missing painting – how to access the tea party

Basically, the missing painting is just lying on the floor in the Mask Mansion, being guarded – so to speak – by the soot bunnies. But, that’s only the very superficial answer, let’s see better how we can actually grab it and take it back.

The painting is in the back of the Mask Mansion, so in order to access it we’ll have to first get all the mask pieces, wear the disguise and pass through the workshop. There, we’ll have to solve a few simple quests of finding items and also not being noticed by the evil Twins.

After that, take the report to them and they’ll be so happy to see it that… they’ll fight you. Yes, that initiates a boss fight with two enemies at once, which shouldn’t be too difficult if you have a steady supply of potions and bombs.

After defeating them, you will find the painting behind them, just before the elevator. Bring it back to the starting mansion and gaze into it, so you can access the Tea Party and proceed in the game. Aren’t you happy now? But one question remains: who stole it in the first place? We’ll never know.

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