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Hello Goodboy review – woofs of sadness

Sometimes we definitely need a little bit of heartwarming adventures to cheer us up. Leave it to Indonesia game devs to be able to write some emotional stories, as we’ve seen in A Space for the Unbound. This little slice of time we’ll be able to spend together with Coco and Iko will definitely leave us smiling, as we’ll find out in our Hello Goodboy review.

Our story begins with our protagonist Coco, a little kid, waking up in an unfamiliar place. Luckily, next to him will be the friendly dog Iko. The doggo will be our co-protagonist and helper for the rest of the adventure. Through our time in this alternative reality, we’ll meet other characters who will need our help. Also, several different things that need fixing (like traffic lights or a picnic table). It is pretty clear that Coco’s journey is a metaphorical one, there is a deeper, more mature story behind it.

Hello Goodboy is quite a feel-good and pretty much straightforward 2D adventure, with simple puzzles spliced throughout and easy QTEs. It is definitely an ideal title for the younger gamers. Still, some of its mature themes are not really presented in such a way that we can imagine a young kid left alone to play. It might be better to spend the limited time that Hello Goodboy asks of us, sitting next to your kid, playing together.

The art is definitely the best thing about the game, with a simple 2D comic art which shines through along with vivid colours and different atmospheres for the four different season we will travel through. Unfortunately, here comes a main gameplay design which I did not really understand. Basically, to see everything in the story you need to play through the game twice. The first time, there is a final RPG-like combat at the end. After winning it, the game will invite you to play through again to see everything.

Indeed, there is a limited amount of “major decisions” we can make. This means missing out on two out of the four different seasons we’ll visit with Iko and Coco. So, it is definitely in the cards that Hello Goodboy needs to be replayed. Still, nothing really changes in the game, the text will be very much the same. There is no mention that you are “continuing” rather than starting all over. The small bit of added story, at the end, does not justify having to play through again, unfortunately.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed my short time in Hello Goodboy even though I wished there was something more to explore. Perhaps, a more engrossing story to find out after restarting all over too. It is a heart warming little narrative all about learning how to be kind. How important is it to listen to other people’s problems. Sometimes, maybe, also put the other people’s needs before your own. Definitely recommended that you keep those tissues close.

Our Hello Goodboy review was made with a key provided by Stride PR. Hello Goodboy is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Hello Goodboy: A heartwarming "let's fix it" adventure together with a cute dog which will be perfect to cuddle up in front of the tv for a short and pleasant evening. Damiano Gerli

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