Goat Simulator 3 pay respects church

Goat Simulator 3 pay respects – all graves locations

Goat Simulator definitely took the world by storm, its idea of having a sandbox gameplay where one was basically free of wreaking havoc on unsuspecting people and places just captured everyone’s imagination. Now we are on the third title and we are here to help you with a particular quest, read on to find out how to complete the Goat Simulator 3 pay respects quest.

In order to successfully complete this quest, the player (or well, the goat) has to first visit the cemetery. You can find it in the northern part of the map, right next to the foods factory. Then, the goat has to, obviously, pay its respect to several graves.

Let us then take a look at which graves you need to visit in order to complete the Goat Simulator 3 pay respects quest.

Goat Simulator 3 – how to complete the pay respects quest

As soon as the goat enters the cemetery, the quest begins. You’ll find the first tomb as soon as you enter, then you’ll have to find two more to complete the quest. In order to tell which gravestones are the correct ones, just look for the prompt on screen to pay respect. If nothing shows up, then it is not the correct gravestone.

You’ll find the second cross in the same general area as the first, then just explore a bit more and locate a lower area in order to find the third gravestone. Just pay your respects to that one too and voilà, the quest is now completed. Paying your respects to all three gravestones will unlock a new location, the church, which you’re now free to visit and wreak havoc, as usual.

Hopefully this guide has helped you in completing one of the first quests of Goat Simulator 3. For more information on the game, check out our other guides or, well, take a break and wreak havoc in High on Life instead!