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The Quarry skip credits explained – skip the ending safely

Supermassive always does a great job making video games that play out like interactive movies, and they’ve made another amazing game with The Quarry. What’s not so amazing, however, is worrying about skipping the credits in The Quarry, and whether it will count as a full playthrough if you leave before you should, so let’s talk The Quarry skip credits explained in this guide.

Our The Quarry skip credits guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to safely exit the game without ruining your playthrough prematurely. There’s a bit of an art to it because you can’t simply quit whenever you want.

Below, you’ll find the ending of the game explained, so make sure to only read this once you’ve completed The Quarry and don’t want to spend 25 minutes watching the credits after surviving – or not – the night.

The Quarry skip credits – how to do it

When you reach the end of The Quarry, a cutscene will play where you have to listen to an episode of the Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast that talks about all the events that happened in the game. The credits will roll while you listen and then they continue to roll for around 25 minutes in total, even after the podcast episode finishes. This will lead you to think that you can’t skip the credits without the game counting your save as complete.

To skip The Quarry’s credits safely, you need to wait for the game to finish telling you the fate of all the characters, then hold triangle or Y to exit once the credits begin to roll. Once the podcast starts playing, the game is safe to exit and it will unlock all of the new game plus features.

You must wait for the fates of the characters to be revealed before you exit, though, because otherwise, the game won’t count as being finished.

That’s everything we know about safely skipping the ending of The Quarry. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, you can check out our full High on Life walkthrough, or you can see our guide on how to fix Roblox error code 525 if that’s your kind of thing.