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Dead by Daylight Alien build – best loadout, perks, add ons

When it comes to asymmetrical horror games, it is pretty easy to deduce the fact that without Dead by Daylight, this specific genre of multiplayer survival horror would not hit the mainstream. Dead by Daylight’s addictive gameplay loop and its wide variety of choices when it comes to what type of survivor or killer you want to play as, made it really popular. Updates for this game most of the time bring in new characters from pop culture, and one of them, Xenomorph has become a lot of players’ main Killer. So, here’s the best loadout for Alien build in Dead by Daylight.

Xenomorph is a terrifying killer in this game, with its unique attacks and daunting speed, survivors will have to keep looking behind their shoulders, as this alien can come out of nowhere and destroy all of the progress they have made.

Keep reading to find out about this Alien build in Dead by Daylight. Once you start using this build, you will always choose Xenomorph as your killer.

Dead by Daylight Alien build - best loadout, perks, add ons Alien about to hit a target

Best loadout for Alien Build in Dead by Daylight

This build utilizes Xenomorph’s speed, so you will really enjoy chasing down survivors and hunting them down. Here are more details on what you should use in particular:

Add Ons

The following are the add-ons that will make this Alien build really effective:

  • Parker’s Headband: After exiting a tunnel, gain 5% Haste for 3 seconds.
  • Self Destruct bolt: Increases vault speed by 30% while in Runner Mode.

These add-ons will help you out a lot and vaulting will never irritate you anymore.


The following are all of the perks you need to have for this build:

  • Save the best for the last: You become obsessed with one Survivor. Earn a token for each successful basic attack that is not dealt to the Obsession.
  • Dissolution: 3 seconds after injuring a Survivor by any means, Dissolution activates for 20 seconds.
  • Superior Anatomy: When a Survivor performs a fast vault within 8 meters of you, this perk activates. The next time you vault a window, your vaulting speed is increased by 40%
  • Rapid Brutality: You can no longer gain Bloodlust. Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack gives you 5% Haste for 10 seconds.

Using this concoction of all of these perks and add-ons, you will turn the Xenomorph into a fast and swift killer who will be able to hunt Survivor pretty easily.

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